GIF: Fletcher Cox Kind of Punks Philip Rivers

GIF: Fletcher Cox Kind of Punks Philip Rivers
September 16, 2013, 11:36 am
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One of the downfalls of heading down to South Philadelphia and watching the Eagles game from high atop the Linc is that you do miss out on some of the small things that take place during a game that you can only see on your giant HD TV. Like Fletcher Cox not helping the Chargers QB up after a play and Phillip Rivers falling back down on his ass.

The moment would be slightly more enjoyable had Rivers not had the last laugh on the day, but it's still pretty damn great.

Thankfully, while many of us were down at the Linc teetering between high fives and screaming at each other, others took the time to GIF those memorable moments for posterity.

GIF by @dhm

GIF: The Eagles may have lost yesterday, but at least this happened.

— Dan McQuade (@dhm) September 16, 2013

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