Isaac Sopoaga Wants to Hunt, Taste Some Books, Shock the World

Isaac Sopoaga Wants to Hunt, Taste Some Books, Shock the World
March 13, 2013, 12:23 pm
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Shane Victorino likes your hat, bro

We've got another new free agent addition in Philadelphia who likes opening his mouth on day one to say some things every beat reporter/blogger/national writer can turn into an easy soundbite. Then it was Vince Young. Now it's Isaac Spooky.

Okay, so the Spooky thing is a joke about Howard Eskin's tweet yesterday. But that one may stick. Sorry, Mr. Sopoaga.

The Eagles new DT gave his welcome to Philly presser this afternoon and was quite quotable.

"We are here to hunt. We are here to win," Sopoaga said. "I believe and I promise that we're going to shock the world."

Hey, Spooky, meet Trent Cole.


"I believe that Coach Kelly has a big solid book out there for us,"
Sopoaga said, "and we're willing and anxious to taste it and to show it
and to show it in action."

Hmm. I think I get what you're saying.

Jokes are fun and all but you have to at least admire the guy for his enthuisiasm on day one. If you're not an instant contender you need guys with positive attitudes to help it become contagious in the locker room.

I'm still curious what Chip Kelly's book tastes like though.

For much more and real actual info from Spooky's presser today, be sure to check out Andy Schwartz's piece.

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