It Takes Brass Balls to Win a Super Bowl

It Takes Brass Balls to Win a Super Bowl
February 5, 2012, 12:01 pm
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"Words with Friends" enthusiast and award-winning actor Alec Baldwin served as the first-ever host of last evening's inaugural NFL Honors show. Not surprisingly for a comedian looking to take an easy pot shot, the 2011 Philadelphia Eagles found their way into his monologue.

As doesn't allow the embedding of videos, we offer these quotes from Baldwin's riff on the Birds courtesy NBCPhiladelphia:

"The lockout ended and we then had an accelerated Free Agent signing period. The Philadelphia Eagles made a lot of high-profile acquisitions, which led Vince Young to proclaim them the 'Dream Team.'

"Well he was right, it was a dream season. Unfortunately it was one of those dreams where you show up at school naked, you forget to study for the test and you lose four of your first five games. You know -- that dream. Is LeSean McCoy laughing? I'm not looking over there."

Fortunately for Baldwin, LeSean Johnson (er, McCoy) was indeed laughing.

[PHOTO GALLERY: Click here to see LeSean McCoy and Emmanuelle Chriqui at the NFL Honors Awards]

Head on over to for the full video. Skip ahead to the 7:15 mark to check out his bit on the Birds and the accompanying reactions of Shady and the also-in-attendance DeSean Jackson.

Then see below for two of our favorite clips from Baldwin's career (definitely NSFW).

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