Jarrad Page Might Be Changing Sports

Jarrad Page Might Be Changing Sports

It was painfully obvious this football thing wasn't working out anymore for Jarrad Page. Perhaps it's no coincidence his form while attempting to tackle ball carriers often appeared similar to a fielder reaching for a ground ball.

Released by the Eagles mid-season, Page emerged at a Los Angeles Dodgers tryout last week after spending the rest of 2011 on the Minnesota Vikings' bench. PFT describes Page as a decorated high school outfielder who was chosen on three separate occasions in Major League Baseball's draft, including as early as the seventh round.

Page had a horrible stint with the Birds, starting five games early last season while Nate Allen was recovering from injury, and Kurt Coleman spent time sitting. He couldn't play -- specifically, he couldn't tackle, and frequently took bad angles to the football, running himself out of multiple plays.

PFT suggests Page could have showed up at the tryout for fun, but it's hard to envision another GM thinking he has anything left to give on the gridiron. Though he managed to rack up 37 tackles while wearing midnight green, his performance could only by categorized as abysmal.

I suppose it's fitting that the Eagles would sign an outfielder to play safety.

>> Jarrad Page tries out for LA Dodgers [PFT]

Guess how Dave Spadaro felt about Zach Ertz not blocking for Carson Wentz

Guess how Dave Spadaro felt about Zach Ertz not blocking for Carson Wentz

Eagles fans were pretty livid earlier in the week when they saw Zach Ertz do what he could to avoid making a block for Carson Wentz.

Ertz, for his part, defended himself.

“I understand all the criticism and stuff,” Ertz said on Wednesday. “I’m not going to get into the details of every thought I had on that play. I’m focused on giving this city everything I have on each and every play. I promise going forward, I will do that. I think I have done that in the past. 

"I understand how it looks on the film, but I’m not going to get into the minute details of what I saw on the play and what I didn’t see on the play and how it impacted the play and vice versa. I’m focused on getting better. I know I’m far from a finished product as a tight end. I’m looking forward to this week against the Redskins.”

Dave Spadaro was a guest on Philly Sports Talk this week and was also asked about the play. Guess what he had to say? You can watch the video above.


Joel Embiid 'shoots the ball with the touch of like Steph Curry'

Joel Embiid 'shoots the ball with the touch of like Steph Curry'

NEW ORLEANS -- Of all the players Joel Embiid could be compared to, a similarity between a 7-foot-2, 270-something-pound center and a 6-foot-3, 190-pound point guard wouldn’t seem like a match.

That’s exactly what Pelicans head coach Alvin Gentry sees, however, when looking at Embiid and reigning MVP Steph Curry.

“He’s different than anybody that’s been in this league in a long, long time,” Gentry said Thursday before the Sixers win over the Pelicans. “He’s a tremendous talent, he really is. I’ve never seen a guy that size, and with that kind of strength, that’s got such a soft touch. He shoots the ball with the touch of like Steph Curry. It’s so soft when it leaves his hand.”

Curry is shooting 48.9 percent from the field and 40.1 percent from three. Embiid is 45.8 percent from the floor is 44.2 percent from long range.

Embiid flashed a big smile and paused to react when hearing of Gentry’s praise. He had been feeling hard on himself after going 0 for 5 beyond the arc against the Pelicans (see story).

“Steph is probably one of the best shooters in the league right now," Embiid said. "So that compliment means a lot."