Jeff Lurie Wants to Host a Super Bowl in Philadelphia

Jeff Lurie Wants to Host a Super Bowl in Philadelphia
March 18, 2013, 1:34 pm
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This was a topic of conversation when MetLife Stadium was first awarded a Super Bowl, but Jeffrey Lurie is now actively campaigning.

At the NFL owners' meetings in Arizona, Lurie said he would like Lincoln Financial Field to host a Super Bowl if next year's game in North Jersey proves a success.

Les Bowen with the quotes:

"Growing up in Boston, I went to more great games in snow
conditions," Lurie said during the lunch recess at the NFL Meetings at
the Arizona Biltmore hotel. "Some of the most memorable games I've ever
been to were very difficult and wonderful conditions. I would have no
fear of it snowing -- as long as there's no public safety issue that
day, I think it would be great if it's snowing a bit."

Asked then if he would seek a roman-numeraled game for Philly, Lurie
said. "I will. Yes, I will. If it's a success. New York will help us."

If it actually landed the game, the Linc would only be the second stadium to host a Super Bowl with a capacity of less than 70,000, with the other being the Metrodome in 1992.

The average ticket on the secondary market last year was around $3,100, according to the Baltimore Business Journal, and the Super Dome holds about 75,000. Granted, you'd be saving on travel costs.

Wait a minute, imagine the Eagles in a Super Bowl in Philly. Why don't we just do that? Yeah, let's just do that.

While we're at it, MetLife is hosting WrestleMania outside this year ... Just sayin.

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