Jim Jones ft. Maino's 'So Athletic (Michael Vick)' Jam

Jim Jones ft. Maino's 'So Athletic (Michael Vick)' Jam
November 1, 2011, 6:39 am
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Rapper Jim Jones (ft. a fellow named Maino) has a new tune out titled "So Athletic (Michael Vick)."

It is not a song you'll find on regular rotation on my iPod, however a mention of Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Mike Vick got my attention.

The hot new tune contains the chorus line (loosely transcribed):

We run and wait (or "running weight?). We at the track. We flippin' work. Just like an acrobat. We so athletic. Michael Vick. Now where my dogs. Michael Vick. Game time. We do arenas. Look at my chain. [something something]

Hip-hop centric website StupidDope.com describes the jam thusly:

This is some of that tough talk, make you clench your jaw, and ball your fist type music right here. The beat is packed full of deep bass 808’s and a flute line that takes this track towards the dark side.

The two NYC MC’s wordplay goes perfect over this hard beat. “Where my dogs at? Michael Vick” the Capo spits during the hook. It’s worth a listen.

I cannot say I fully agree, however, you may have entirely different taste.

After discussing the track with resident pop culture junkie Andrew Unterberger -- he of Pop Dust fame -- I learned something about modern day hip hop.

"I like how there's no explanation needed. Just the name said, and the rest is understood," I said.

"Well, that's actually an important lesson to learn about modern rap," Andrew explained. "They never explain anything. They just say the name of the person you're referencing and either you get it or you don't. Some internet folks refer to it has 'hashtag rap.'"

I cannot count myself among those who "get it," but at least I'm making an effort, right?

LISTEN: Jim Jones ft. Maino - "So Athletic (Michael Vick" [XXLMag]

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