Joe Banner No Longer Eagles President

Joe Banner No Longer Eagles President
June 7, 2012, 3:43 am
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After making several high-profile player acquisitions last off-season, Joe Banner declared that the Eagles were "all-in." It appears that was the case for him in particular, as the Eagles have announced that Banner will no longer serve in the role of team president. 
Chief Operating Officer Don Smolenski, 45, will take over as president, while Banner becomes a strategic advisor to the owner. Banner will be allowed to seek other opportunities, which appears likely. The story was first reported by Jeff McLane of the Inquirer, who spoke with Lurie on Banner's future and details of the front-office succession plan. The Eagles have posted a story to their website on that plan, and a press conference will be held today at 2:30. 

Speculation as to a power struggle with Andy Reid will be a dominant part of the story's coverage, though Lurie tells McLane that isn't what led to Banner's stepping down.

With the team for all of Lurie's tenure, spanning back to 1994, Banner has been president since 2001. Although often an unpopular figure among vocal fans and some in the media, Banner is also seen as a savvy salary cap master, a tough negotiator, and a productive executive. It's hard to imagine his services not being in demand. 
We'll have more on this story later this morning. 
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