John Harbaugh Says Juan Castillo 'Maybe Finest Teacher of Football in the NFL'

John Harbaugh Says Juan Castillo 'Maybe Finest Teacher of Football in the NFL'
August 15, 2013, 12:13 pm
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The Juan Castillo experiment did not end well in Philadelphia.

The coach's move from the offensive to defensive side of the ball did not go smoothly. I think that is putting it kindly.

But all throughout his tenure in Philly and even once he was used as one of Andy Reid's scapegoats, there was never any argument about the kind of guy he is and/or any questions about the tremendous work ethic he had while working around football.

Castillo has landed on his feet down in Baltimore working as the Ravens "Run Game Coordinator," whatever that is exactly. And it's no surprise his former coworker at the Eagles and current Ravens head honcho John Harbaugh has incredible praise for Juan.

From a nice little profile on the Ravens official site:

“I would say Juan is maybe the finest teacher of football in the National Football League,” Head Coach John Harbaugh said. “He teaches the game as well as anybody you’re ever going to see, and those guys – they like to work for him.”

Castillo joined the Ravens in January, and since then he’s received glowing reviews from Harbaugh and the players.

“They want to stay out to get extra reps because they understand that the things that he’s teaching them are going to help them be a better player,” Harbaugh said.

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