Juan Castillo, Offensive Coordinator? To the Time Machine!

Juan Castillo, Offensive Coordinator? To the Time Machine!
October 19, 2012, 9:27 am
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Once the pity party ends for Juan Castillo, the reality is he can find another NFL job next season most likely. After all, we are talking about a widely respected coach who has connections on staffs throughout the league, and he certainly is not the first to go through some shaming.

The real question is in what capacity will Castillo be hired by another organization?

Obviously he has missed the boat on being a defensive coordinator for awhile, but would Castillo remain on that side of the ball, as a linebackers coach perhaps? Or will he go back to working with the offensive line, where he made his name with the Eagles?

It's interesting because, for one, Castillo stressed that he wanted to be on defense. Sliding into a job as a position coach, particularly linebacker which he played in college and professionally, might give Castillo an opportunity to hone his craft.

Then again, he may be more coveted as an O-line coach, where he is a proven commodity. If that were the case, it's not so bad, either. Eventually Juan Castillo could even earn the title of offensive coordinator.


One facet of Castillo's shocking promotion back in 2011 that went almost completely overlooked is the fact that other teams were actually making overtures toward handing him a headset. Around the same time, Castillo was considered a front-runner to land an offensive coordinator gig in Cleveland, while Minnesota was rumored as a possible destination as well.

Why didn't Castillo interview for either of those positions? At the time, Paul Domowitch theorized in the Daily News that the Eagles bumped Castillo's pay in an effort to retain him. Less than two weeks later, he was a defensive coordinator.

As much as Castillo might prefer defense, if he wants to achieve his true goal of one day becoming a head coach, going back to offense could provide the quickest path. He was already making headway as an offensive mind in the NFL, while his reputation is too tarnished at this juncture to effectively lead a defense in the near future.

Either way, we believe Castillo will land on his feet, but we are curious. When that phone call comes, what will Juan be coaching next?

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