Kurt Coleman: Eagles Lost Their Edge Last Year

Kurt Coleman: Eagles Lost Their Edge Last Year
May 22, 2012, 11:12 am
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Full-team OTAs are under way at the Nova Care Complex, and from the sound of things, there is a real buzz among the players. There are a lot of guys who feel like they have something to prove this year, both individually and as a team. Eagles starting safety Kurt Coleman understands, and he digs the vibe. After Tuesday's practice, he touched on the difference in the club's approach compared to last year. Via the Inq's Jonathan Tamari:

Last year I think we wanted to take things for granted because we did have a talented team, and we just didn’t always put it together and I think we lost our edge as far as getting aggressive, going out there and working for everything; this year we’re not going to talk, we’re just going to out there and work hard and I’m loving it; I love what we’re about, I love our attitude every time we approach this field.

There are certainly fewer distractions than there were a year ago. Between the lockout, the changes on the coaching staff, the introduction of so many high-profile free agents, DeSean Jackson's and Asante Samuel's discontent, and Vince Young's careless remarks, there was a hectic, almost circus-like atmosphere around the Eagles all summer long. It's not so difficult to understand how all of that going on simultaneously might have a negative impact on one's focus.

So far, the team is settled, seems to be in relatively good health, and the players are saying all the right things.

"It's a critical year for coach, it's a critical year for me. ... We're
playing for it all, for our organization, not just for

— Ashley Fox (@AshleyMFox) May 22,

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