Leonard Weaver's musical debut is something else

Leonard Weaver's musical debut is something else
September 23, 2013, 11:52 am
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When you first listen to the new song "My Time" by former Eagles fullback Leonard Weaver you might think it was ostensibly a song about commercial airline travel, but after closer inspection, the listener can find a much deeper meaning.

Anyone who follows Leonard Weaver on Twitter knows it's nearly impossible to hate on a guy with such a positive outlook on life as Big Weave. I mean, he kisses his wife and kids in the above video before going out to kill it at the airport hanger.

So we'll leave the lyrical and cinematography critiques to the experts at Rap Genius or Grantland or whatever.

I will say this, however. When Big Weave's body literally takes off like a rocket ship, I was moved.

Love you, Weave.

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