Like a Broken Record: The Eagles Have Never Lost Five in a Row Under Andy Reid

Like a Broken Record: The Eagles Have Never Lost Five in a Row Under Andy Reid
November 7, 2012, 6:33 am
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For fans (beyond) ready to pull the plug on the Andy Reid era, rooting for failure — spectacular failure — seems like the play.

After all, signs of life, like when the team won four straight to finish the 2011 season, could keep Andy around through another contract extension. So if you want him gone — even if you hold no real malice toward the man, which seems strangely important to clarify at this point — then a tanked season is your best hope.

One possible sign of life was painfully choked to death against the Falcons, when for the first time in 14 seasons, Reid and the Eagles finally lost coming off their bye week.

And if Monday vs. the Saints was any indication, then they're about to set a new mark for futility under Reid when they take on the Cowboys this Sunday.

According to BoopStats ('s Bob Vetrone, Jr., if you're wondering), the Eagles have never lost five in a row under Andy Reid. They've lost four in a row in three separate seasons — 1999 (twice), 2005, and 2011 — but never five. The last two seasons also mark the first time Reid has lost four in a row in back-to-back seasons.

Boop further points out in a convenient twist that Reid broke his first four-game skid back in 1999 against Dallas.

But here's the real clincher:

By the way, the last two times an Eagles coach lost five games in a row (Ray Rhodes, 1998; Rich Kotite, 1994), the head coach was gone at the end of the season.

And in case you are counting (as we are), Wednesday is day No. 5,050 of the Andy Reid era.

Boop's post, by the way, is called "Andy Reid's first fifth?" and can be visited at the link below, although we imagine you've already gone through a fifth of your own by now. Eight more weeks of this.

Link: Andy Reid's first fifth? []

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