Lurie: 2012 Season Was 'Embarrassing'

Lurie: 2012 Season Was 'Embarrassing'
December 31, 2012, 9:59 am
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Other than expressing the utmost confidence in Howie Roseman's ability as general manager (more to come on that somewhere down the road), Jeffrey Lurie didn't express much of note at his Andy Reid Relief Concert. The owner rationalized the decision to stick with Reid these last few years, but ultimately seemed to acknowledge it was a mistake, all while propping up the departed as the greatest coach in franchise history.

But while speaking to what the fans endured in 2012 in particular, Lurie used some strong words, admitting he was "embarrassed" by the team's record. He stopped about one step shy of outright apologizing for the product that the Philadelphia Eagles put out on the field this year.

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