McNabb: UConn vs. KU, who you got? Allen Iverson likes the Huskies

McNabb: UConn vs. KU, who you got? Allen Iverson likes the Huskies
April 7, 2014, 5:53 pm
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Counting down till tip off, who do you have? UConn or KU?

— Donovan McNabb (@donovanjmcnabb) April 7, 2014

Never change, Donovan. Never change.

Since there's no Philly sports action this evening, figured most of you would be tuning in to the National Championship game this evening between the Connecticut Huskies and Kentucky Wildcats. While neither team was favored coming into the tournament, it's hard to really view UConn or Kentucky much like a Cinderella given their programs' histories.

If you're still looking for something to sway your rooting interests, turn no further than Allen Iverson's former teammate and perennial Sixers bench player Kevin Ollie who has done an impressive job in his second year as Huskies head coach.

If Kevin Ollie can turn Georgetown's Allen Iverson into a UConn fan for a night, it can sway you I'm sure.

A.I. posted the following message to his Instagram:

"Congratulations K.O. this couldn't happen to a better person. I'm very excited about you being in the National Championship game. I never thought I could pull for UConn, but I will this year because you're there. Good luck and God bless you ... #TheAnswer"

And that's how you get Donovan McNabb and Allen Iverson into a post about college basketball on a slow Monday.

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