Mike Vick Named Eagles Starting QB for 2013 Season

Mike Vick Named Eagles Starting QB for 2013 Season
August 20, 2013, 12:13 pm
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Mike Vick performed better in the first two preseason games and that was enough for Chip Kelly to name him the starting quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles this season. Kelly made the announcement this morning saying that Vick is his guy for the Birds season-opener against the Redskins down in Washington, DC. And he's Kelly's guy for the long haul.

"We wanted to put a guy in place, if we could, in enough time to get us prepared for the season," he said. "We didn't want to let this linger, but I think it also expressed itself on the field."

"The one thing we all learned from this group is that I think we've got two guys, and maybe even three guys that can play in this league. It was a healthy competition ... I think they both made each other better," Kelly said. "I was really happy with how those guys handled the situation, 'cuz it can at times get testy, it can at times -- it's one guy competing against another, but I thought it was a healthy competition."

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