Mike Vick Often Feels Invincible

Mike Vick Often Feels Invincible
June 9, 2011, 9:24 am
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Mike Vick's first endorsement deal after returning to the NFL was with a company called Unequal Technologies. They provided him with some unique padding that contained Kevlar to help protect his ribs.

Both Vick and a company spokesperson were on CNBC to talk about the deal, but the soundbite I found most interesting was when Vick said the special padding made him feel invincible on the field.

The padding may help Vick play with confidence, but it certainly doesn't do anything for his sliding ability. Wouldn't mind seeing Vick down in Clearwater next spring with the Phillies pitchers doing sliding drills.

Anything it takes to keep Vick healthy.

Via Mogulite:

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