Mike Vick Week 1 Highlights: the Magician

Mike Vick Week 1 Highlights: the Magician

Sure, there was plenty of rust in the Eagles first game back after a shortened offseason, but the return of football also meant the return of the sweet highlight reels this Vick-led team is known for. As expected, the potent Birds offense had their share of awesome plays yesterday against the Rams. DeSean's catch on the long ball in traffic was great and really got things going -- his helmet popping off was a nice touch. And Shady hitting the open field on his long TD run was a thing of beauty. The Rams defenders trying to catch him looked like they were running in place.

But the guy who makes you scratch your head and wonder how he does it, not surprisingly, was once again Mike Vick. The "Escape Artist" move in which he avoided a sack, miraculously kept his balance, and added a spin move/deke for good measure was the stuff you watch and then try to pick your jaw up off the floor. [videos below]

I'm pretty sure it's safe to assume we'll be treated to plenty more of these highlights over the next few months.

Full highlights below:

Phillies' rookie Zach Eflin has surgery on left knee

Phillies' rookie Zach Eflin has surgery on left knee

Six weeks after undergoing surgery to repair the patella tendon in his right knee, Phillies rookie Zach Eflin went under the knife again Friday.

As expected, Eflin had the same surgery - performed by Dr. Steve Cohen - done on his left knee.

According to the Phillies, Eflin will be immobilized for six weeks and is expected to make a full recovery.

Eflin, 22, has been dealing with knee problems since he was about 11 years old. The issues caused him to make just 11 starts in his rookie campaign. 

“You know this is an issue he’s been fighting since he was a kid,” general manager Matt Klentak said on the day of Eflin’s first surgery in August. “I think he told me since he was 11 years old, he first started battling knee problems. The hope here is that it’s going to alleviate the problem. And that he’s not going to have to deal with it. And in just talking candidly with Zach last night, while not excited to undergo the knife today, he was pretty excited about the possibility of coming to spring training next year pain-free for the first time in his life.”

That is still the expectation.

Eflin finished his rookie year 3-5 with a 5.54 ERA in 63 ⅓ innings pitched. He was 5-2 with a 2.90 ERA in 68 ⅓ innings at Triple A Lehigh Valley.