Oh Fro-Hawk, Please Come Home

Oh Fro-Hawk, Please Come Home
January 20, 2006, 6:20 am
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Remember last years Superbowl team?  It wasn't all that long ago.  Freddie Mitchell sporting his Fro Hawk, Terrell running all over people, those were the days.  The Eagles have become a somewhat boring team since then.  I haven't had a whole lot of fuel for my blogging fire.

But Jaws is trying to give us some hope in the world by attempting to bring back Freddie Mitchell!  The only problem, he wants him to play for the Soul:  Daily News [via PWD]

Jaworski last night said he is trying to reach out to former Eagles
wide receiver Freddie Mitchell to gauge any potential interest Mitchell
might have in joining the Soul.

Mitchell, the Eagles' first-round pick in 2001, was released by the
Birds in May and was cut late in summer training camp by the Kansas
City Chiefs. He suffered a knee injury during training camp.

Adding Mitchell would take some serious salary-cap maneuvering by
the Soul and would require the flamboyant wideout to check his ego at
the training room door. After all, he'd have to play defense, as well.

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