Philly March Madness: (3) Brian Dawkins vs. (6) Mike Quick

Philly March Madness: (3) Brian Dawkins vs. (6) Mike Quick
March 29, 2011, 5:38 pm
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Over the next few weeks at The700Level, we'll be posting poll           matchups as part of our Philly March Madness competition.                            Examine the       cases of the two fine       Philadelphia       athletes         below,    and     cast     your        vote at  the bottom as  to        which   you     think should          advance to         the next   round.    And        as always,   feel         free to explain    your     selection          and/or       debate   the       choices    in the comments  section.

With the first round completed, we're presenting our second round          matchups with some YouTube clips we feel to be definitive of  the         respective athletes' greatness during their time in Philly.  If  you        think there's another, better video we should have used,  we'd   love  to      hear about that below as well.

(3) Brian Dawkins

(6) Mike Quick

    Who should advance to the next round?survey software

    Who should advance to the next round?customer surveys

Second-Round Results So Far:

West Bracket:

(1) Julius Erving (80.4%) over (8) Simon Gagne (19.6%)
(4) Randall Cunningham (65.6%) over (5) Eric Lindros (34.4%)
(11) Cole Hamels (78.6%) over (14) Tug McGraw (22.4%)
(2) Chase Utley (95.9%) over (7) Darren Daulton (4.1%)

Midwest Bracket:

(1) Mark Howe (52.2%) over (9) Rod Brind'Amour (47.8%)
(5) Brian Westbrook (58.9%) over (4) Mike Richards (41.1%)
(3) Jimmy Rollins (72.7%) over (6) John LeClair (27.3%)
(2) Allen Iverson (90.5%) over (7) Lenny Dykstra (9.5%)

West Bracket:

(1) Mike Schmidt (95.3%) over (9) Wilbert Montgomery (4.7%)

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