Philly Prepared Kevin Kolb Quite Well for Arizona Cardinals' Fan Fest

Philly Prepared Kevin Kolb Quite Well for Arizona Cardinals' Fan Fest
June 14, 2012, 9:27 am
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Kevin Kolb had years of training in Philadelphia to prepare himself to be the starting quarterback of... the Arizona Cardinals. Well, he's not exactly the starting quarterback at the moment. Kolb is currently battling it out for that position with John Skelton.

So while the prep work he did on the field in Philly may not have paid off in spades just yet, Kolb's dealings with Philly fans likely came in handy recently, as Kolb was booed at a Cardinals Fan Fest event.


The offense had its moments. The defense did, too. And the fans let Kevin Kolb know that he needs to create more positive moments in 2012 to gain their approval.

The Cardinals fans booed Kolb, according to Darren Urban of In June. At minicamp. Yikes.

Alright, a little booing at a meaningless training event never hurt anyone -- we're looking at you Chase Utley in Clearwater -- but what about your coach throwing some junk your way?

"If it was up to me, I'd prefer we had a quarterback resolution two
years ago," Whisenhunt said. "But obviously that hasn't happened."

It burns just as much in Arizona.

All of that said, I was always fond of Kolb. He carried himself in the most professional of manner when sitting the pine in Philly, waiting for his chance. It appears to me he's going to suffer from the Andre Iguodala treatment in Arizona. Don't fault the player for taking all the money, blame the team for forking over so damn much.

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