Quotable: You Can't Knock DJacc for Lack of Ambition

Quotable: You Can't Knock DJacc for Lack of Ambition
March 15, 2012, 12:12 pm
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DeSean Jackson, rocking a nice blue suit, met reporters in Philadelphia on Thursday afternoon to talk about his lucrative new contract. He seemed content with the almost meager guaranteed money because he believes if he performs to his ability, the money will take care of itself. DJacc came off rather likable in his presser, a bit of a contrast to his spacey Twitter interactions with the Internet.

One thing is for sure, DeSean Jackson does not lack confidence or ambition. "I want to shoot for the Hall of Fame. I want to shoot for Super Bowls,"
Jackson said. "That's something I haven't done yet. I'm a Pro Bowl wide
receiver, but I want to shoot for beyond that. I'm not satisfied with

Jackson speaking about his relationship with Andy Reid was yet another indicator of the way his players view him, while the media and fans may have differing views.

"Since the first day he called me on draft day, he's been like a father
figure to me," Jackson said. "I like the way he challenges his
players to get the best out of them. He expects nothing less."

He almost stepped on his toes a bit towards the end by delcaring the Eagles one of the best teams in the league, but he stopped short of using the 'D' team word.

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