Super Bowl XLVII Open Thread: Brotherly Grub

Super Bowl XLVII Open Thread: Brotherly Grub
February 3, 2013, 12:02 pm
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Even when there's no clear rooting interest for the average Philadelphia sports fan, the Super Bowl still has a little something for everyone. Excessive amounts of delicious and unhealthy food, beverages, gambling, commercials, Beyonce in tight clothing. Oh, and two solid football teams.

We took a look at the two most important players of Super Bowl XLVII earlier in the day: the punters.

As for rooting interests, I'm mostly indifferent. I'd like to see David Akers get the ring. Good guy, even if his remarkable tenure in Philly ended on a sour note. But I've also got a good college buddy who is a legit Baltimore fan. So I'd be happy to see his team get to celebrate.

Think I'm leaning San Francisco though.

Who you got? What's your favorite commercial? What stupid prop bets did you make? Who has the best food / beverage spread?

Today is the final day of the football season. We know it’s always bittersweet, especially because the Eagles almost made it this year.

We'll get through it together. And Chip Kelly will lead the way.

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