Swoop Named Top NFL Mascot by SI for Kids

Swoop Named Top NFL Mascot by SI for Kids
April 5, 2011, 4:10 pm
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Philadelphia Eagles mascot Swoop has been named the #1 mascot in the NFL
by the esteemed Sports Illustrated for Kids publication (hey, I had a
subscription back in the day). The interesting thing to me when I saw
this was that at first I was little surprised, like... really? The
Eagles mascot? He's never really struck me one way or the other on the
Hip-Hop to Phanatic spectrum of mascot awesomeness.

But, in going through the list of NFL also rans, I barely recognized any
of the other teams' muppets. I guess I never put much thought into it
before (still true), but for all the league's popularity, the NFL's
mascots are fairly invisible despite being regularly present at games
and team functions. At least, for adult fans. There was no Swoop when I
was in the demographic that mascots are intended to entice, and we live
in a world dominated by the appropriate-for-all-ages Phanatic, so I'm
not really the demo they're going for. That would be the readership of
SI for Kids... So congrats to Swoop's friend on a job well done. [SI for Kids] [Photo by Flickr user Chuck Stanley]

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