The Amazing One-of-a-Kind Nick Foles Artwork Can Be Yours

The Amazing One-of-a-Kind Nick Foles Artwork Can Be Yours
August 24, 2012, 9:17 am
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After we posted about the sweet nunchucking art skills of Eagles phenom-backup Nick Foles the other day, we received the following email from the card's owner who informed us the one-of-a-kind masterpiece could be yours for the right price.

I received the card at the National card show in Baltimore, MD on August 3rd. 
I was thinking of holding on to the card because it is unique and
artistically intriguing.  But, I am simply not an Eagles fan and was
thinking of selling it.  I was torn on what to do with it.  Seeing your
article today sealed the deal in my mind.

happy to provide you any follow-up information you might want to
include on a posting to your website.  I was in the Internet media
business for years and happily understand the routine.  While I am a
Redskins fan, I hold no animosity toward the Eagles.  I know you have a
wide and loyal fan base, and I truly want this to fall into the hands of
someone who bleeds green (for as much green as I can get into my hands -

Joel F.

Alexandria, VA

Bidding starts at $100 smackers. No bids just yet. But we're assuming after the deluge of traffic eBay receives from this post, it'll skyrocket.

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