The Andy Reid-Cullen Jenkins Sideshow Was Rare Slice of Entertaining Andy

The Andy Reid-Cullen Jenkins Sideshow Was Rare Slice of Entertaining Andy
August 21, 2012, 6:52 am
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It was a rare shot of sideline fury from Andy Reid directed at one of his more senior players in Cullen Jenkins, who didn't back down, instead getting right up in Big Red's face. After watching the first teams struggle against the Patriots second teamers, it was also the first real exciting moments of the night for Eagles fans watching at home.

Instantly, Birds fans everywhere started wondering what exactly the pair were screaming about.

Turns out, that part wasn't quite as exciting.

“It's football,” Jenkins said. “Football causes that. If you’re out
there playing, you’ve got to be emotional. It was nothing. Nothing was
addressed. It's an emotional game, and sometimes you need that spark and
especially now in the preseason.

Oh. Football. I figured that much, but we wanted a bit more detail...

"Listen, it's an emotional game," Reid said. "He was fired up. I was
fired up. Those things happen. Cullen is my primary leader on that
defensive line. I count on him for a lot of things. He was upset, and I
was upset. We talked about it afterward, and we're OK.

So, they were fired up about the emotional game of football.

You can read more on the altercation here or watch Andy answer questions about it with a pretty much non-answer below.

Finally, towards the end of his press conference, Andy Reid was asked about how long it'd take for his team to become ready for the season opener after two rather lackluster, sloppy efforts.

"About two weeks," Reid said to chuckles.

It would seem like he can be entertaining when he wants to be.

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