The Greatest Love Song Ever Written

The Greatest Love Song Ever Written
June 13, 2011, 8:28 am
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Yesterday we stumbled upon a piece of music so beautiful, we were in complete and utter shock that we had not discovered it in the past. And make it our cellphone ring tone.

It's a love song, but not just any love song. It's a love song set in Philadelphia. And not in Philly's uglier public spaces like Rittenhouse Square, Boathouse Row, or even Love Park. No, this love blossoms at the "our private concrete heaven" known as the 700 Level of Veterans Stadium.

It also contains Shakespeareanesque poetry, with lines such as, "The smell of your shampoo might mask a stadium of cat piss mixed with dried up beer."

Some other highlights from the song:

-The male protagonist works at WaWa as a late night clerk
-She's taking nursing classes at Temple
-He parks his mom's beat up car under the ramps at FDR to save $8
-The Phillies were losing 8-0 to the Expos on their date, but they rally...

About the artists, from their YouTube page: "Dorooghtabatabaee and Smith are the acoustic comedy duo of Dan Smith and Xerxes Dorooghtabatabaee. Each has been writing and performing original compositions for several years, and their recent merger is sure to take your local deserted dive bar by storm."

Truly fine work gentleman. Brought tears to our eyes. You're a regular couple of young, romantic Bruce Springsteens.

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