The power of Chip compels you... not to do that shot

The power of Chip compels you... not to do that shot
November 15, 2013, 10:40 am
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Chip Kelly and his Philadelphia Eagles have a mantra.

Habits reflect the mission.

Whatever that means. Okay, what does it mean? Vinny Curry explains:

"All he's saying is basically follow the blueprint and pick your head up at the end of the season and see where we are," defensive end Vinny Curry said. "And so far the habits we've been forming have been working for us."

But apparently it's working to some extent. As Inquirer beat writer Jeff McLane writes this morning, the Birds are buying in. That's demonstrated perfectly when Jason Kelce talks about Chip's vision preventing the dudes from having that beer.

"It sits in the back of your mind, and you joke about it with the team," Kelce said. "Somebody will be about to order a beer or a shot, and it's like: 'Hey, those habits aren't reflecting the mission. Come on, let's put that away.' "

I think even Tony up in the 700 level knows that doing that extra shot can really screw up your productivity the next day. Don't do that extra shot, people. Eye on the prize. The Mission. All that.

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