On Your iPhone Home Screen! On Your iPhone Home Screen!
June 30, 2011, 11:23 am
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Technology! It's an amazing thing. If you have one of those phones of the future and have tried to visit on it over the last month or so, you've surely noticed are nice and clean new mobile site. We've also recently gotten a pretty new iPhone icon that you can add to your home screen for fast and easy access to this here website.

Have an iPhone? Want to know how to get The700Level icon on your home screen? Here's how:

1.) Open up in Safari:

2.) Click the icon in the center of the screen all the way at the bottom:

3.) Click "Add to home screen:"

4.) Click "Add" in the top right corner:


We've been told you can do similar trickery on an Android phone, but we don't have one so we can't explain it to you. We're sure you can figure it out.

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