This Eagles Game Thread Brought To You By... I Can't Find It, the Hell With It

This Eagles Game Thread Brought To You By... I Can't Find It, the Hell With It
November 12, 2011, 2:36 pm
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That's all we got, three goddamn wins? You can't say "goddamn" on this blog. Don't worry, nobody is reading anyway.

The juice is gone, Monday night's loss to the Bears draining whatever backwash of enthusiasm remained at the bottom of most Eagles fans' tanks. The Birds have to win today, then beat the Giants at the Meadowlands next week before we can even begin to entertain playoff scenarios again. Even then, Philadelphia would be a disappointing 5-5, with tough opponents in the Patriots and Jets ahead, not to mention road trips to Seattle and Dallas coming off of short weeks.

Which is why when the 2-6 Arizona Cardinals get destroyed at the Linc on Sunday, we don't expect anybody to care.

I'm going to go out on a limb and predict this game will not be exceptionally close. Vegas likes the Eagles by two touchdowns. The Cardinals are likely without starting quarterback Kevin Kolb. They are a two-win team from the NFC West, a division that includes three teams with five wins between them. Arizona's two wins this season were a fourth-quarter comeback against the equally hopeless 2-6 Panthers, and last week's 19-13 overtime thriller over the 1-7 Rams -- the same squad the Eagles mercilessly stomped 31-13 earlier. Oh, and rookie Patrick Peterson scored the game-winning touchdowns on punt returns in both victories.

So even though the Eagles have given us every reason to doubt them this season, all signs point to a W in this one. Now here's another bold prediction: the post-game reaction.

These guys aren't so bad!

They're still shitty.

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