Today in Mike Vick's On-Going Identity Crisis: The Whole Being Careful Thing...Again

Today in Mike Vick's On-Going Identity Crisis: The Whole Being Careful Thing...Again
September 12, 2012, 9:29 am
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He's going to play it safe. He's going to sell out on every play. He knows he doesn't have to be a one-man show. But he's a football player.

On and on and on and on...
The latest update in the on-going "Mike Vick can't make up his mind about just what kind of quarterback he wants to be" saga appears to have Vick willing to take on all defensive comers -- again.
“I sorta said to myself, ‘You know what? Stop worrying about playing not to get hurt,’ Vick told Albert Breer about how the shot he took against the Patriots changed his mindset. “Two weeks in a row, against Pittsburgh and New England, my mindset was just to play cautiously and not get hurt and get through the preseason to the regular season. And I just told myself, ‘I can’t play like that.’ I can’t play with so many different things on my mind. . . ."
We figured that out Sunday, when he threw four picks. Some of the analysis after game included a critique that Vick's decision making was so alarmingly bad not because of rust, but because he really couldn't make up about what kind of quarterback he wanted to be.
After all this talk about his style, there's just too much of me left asking: Why is this even a problem? Shouldn't Vick's natural gifts actually make him more adept at getting out of dodge, rather than putting both himself and the football in jeopardy?
In his pseudo-defense, he was under fire at times -- although some of the pressure he brought on himself by holding the ball. Moreover, the loss of Jason Peters might continue to expose him to nasty shots in the pocket, much like those he received from the Browns. That's not going to help no matter what his football IQ.
But at some point is it fair to conclude that -- both inside and outside the pocket -- he's just poor at making decisions with the football (holding the ball; throwing across his body) and his own health (refusing to slide with his legs first) regardless of whatever mindset he's talked himself into playing that week? 
Where are you on Vick and his persistent identity crisis?
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