Tolley Sunshine WAS at the Eagles Game Last Night

Tolley Sunshine WAS at the Eagles Game Last Night
August 10, 2012, 7:45 am
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During a brutal stretch of last night's Eagles-Steelers preseason game after Michael Vick left with a finger injury, which put a gigantic scare into all of Philadelphia, I lamented on Twitter: where's Tolley Sunshine when you need him?

Broadcaster Don Tollefson, who has been known to make an awkward situation rather rosy, had called Birds' preseason games for the Eagles Television Networks in years past, but was nowhere to be seen on my TV last night. [video below]

Turns out, he was actually at the Linc doing halftime stuff and interviewing Real Madrid soccer player and really good guy Sami Khedira prior to the team's friendly at the Linc on Saturday against Celtic.

We're in a better mood already today after watching the below clip. It also features a gaggle of Real Madrid players kick field goals during halftime. As expected, they've got pretty good boots.

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