Vick: Eagles’ Offense ‘Something like you've never seen before’

Vick: Eagles’ Offense ‘Something like you've never seen before’
September 9, 2013, 4:05 pm
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We’re counting down the seconds until Chip Kelly unveils his offense for the entire NFL-watching world to see. Preseason offered only a glimpse into what the first-year head coach has in store for the Eagles; now it’s time see the real thing.

If Michael Vick is to be believed, we’re in for a real treat. Last week the Birds’ starting quarterback admitted to the assembled media that there is more to the offense than what we saw in exhibition games, not surprisingly. But in a recent interview with ESPN’s Lisa Salters (as transcribed by Cindy Boren of the Washington Post), Vick continued to tout the speed at which the Eagles will attack defenses.

To paraphrase the 11-year veteran, the offense will be revolutionary.

Oh, it will be fast. That’s a given. But how fast? “A lot faster than I thought,” quarterback Michael Vick, who will be running the offense, told ESPN’s Lisa Salters.

“It’s going to be up-tempo,” Vick said. “It’s going to be something like you’ve never seen before as far as timing and getting to the line and getting plays called. A lot of time [will be] left on the play clock and a lot of plays ran in the game.”

“I could never imagine in the NFL situation, playing for an NFL team and getting the ball snapped that fast,” Vick said, “and getting plays signaled in and out consistently that fast to disrupt timing for the defense.”

That the Eagles will be operating a no-huddle offense is not news to fans, or anybody else for that matter. The fact that Vick and other players believe Chip Kelly will somehow break the mold is still interesting. How much faster than an offense go than what we’ve seen from, say, Peyton Manning for instance?

For what it’s worth, Brent Celek told reporters as far back as April that Chip’s methods for communicating the plays in from the sidelines would change the league – although he was unwilling to elaborate. I guess we’re about to find out exactly how fast this offense is going to move.

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