Vick Has 13th-Best Odds to Win NFL MVP This Season

Vick Has 13th-Best Odds to Win NFL MVP This Season
August 20, 2013, 1:01 pm
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From wide-open quarterback competition to most valuable player in the NFL? You can bet on it. Literally, you can.

Maybe it’s only coincidence (probably not), but not long after Chip Kelly named Michael Vick the Eagles’ starting quarterback, his odds on winning some serious hardware improved rather suddenly. In fact, only 12 players are getting better odds. passed along some updated prop bets for a few awards and league leaders, where Vick is in surprisingly good company considering he wasn’t even the starting quarterback officially about an hour ago.

Peyton Manning (DEN) QB                    5/1 Aaron Rodgers (GB) QB                        13/2 Colin Kaepernick (SF) QB                      10/1 Drew Brees (NO) QB                              10/1 Adrian Peterson (MIN) RB                      12/1 Tom Brady (NE) QB                               12/1 Matt Ryan (ATL) QB                               15/1 Robert Griffin III (WAS) QB                    18/1 Russell Wilson (SEA) QB                       18/1 Andrew Luck (IND) QB                           25/1 Calvin Johnson (DET) WR                      25/1 Eli Manning (NYG) QB                           25/1 Arian Foster (HOU) RB                           33/1 Ben Roethlisberger (PIT) QB                  33/1 Cam Newton (CAR) QB                          33/1 Matthew Stafford (DET) QB                   33/1 Michael Vick (PHI) QB                           33/1 Tony Romo (DAL) QB                            33/1

It’s debatable that Vick will even be the most valuable player in his own offense. LeSean McCoy could be in store for a huge season, but he’s not even bringing up the rear of the list with Reggie Bush at 150/1. Hell, Shady is only going off at 20/1 to finish this season as the leader in rushing yards, behind 10 other backs. I like that action.

That said, Vick sure has looked explosive in two preseason games. The question now is whether he can maintain that stellar play over a full season – something that he’s never really done before. We shall see. Would you bet on it?

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