Video: Chip Kelly names Reuben Frank starting quarterback

Video: Chip Kelly names Reuben Frank starting quarterback

Bless an NFL beat reporters’ heart, for asking a head coach to reveal even the simplest piece of information—like who is the starting quarterback—can be more challenging than sneaking into Fort Knox.

No, Chip Kelly isn’t ready to name Nick Foles the starter right now, no matter how many different ways it’s asked. And beware, for if you insist that Chip name starter, he might call your number as he did CSN’s Reuben Frank on Monday. Roob might’ve bit off more than he could chew this time.

“I’m gonna name you the starter. You’re starting this week, and I’m excited about it. Let’s fire it up, write the notes, and let’s go.”

In all seriousness, it seems like Kelly is merely stalling at this point. Michael Vick isn’t healthy enough to play, so why get caught up in naming anybody anything? That’s the message here.

“I think what we’ve done for the last two weeks has worked for us pretty good, so we’re gonna stick with that formula [of not naming a starter]. I mean it’s got us 16 touchdowns, no interceptions and two wins, so why would we change?”

No need to change anything right now, Chip. Not now, and not when Vick gets back either.

Report: Eagles expected to hire Mike Groh as receivers coach

Report: Eagles expected to hire Mike Groh as receivers coach

It look like the Eagles have found their replacement for Greg Lewis.

According to ESPN's Adam Caplan, the Eagles are expected to hire Rams receivers/passing game coordinator Mike Groh.

The news that the Eagles fired Lewis came out on Jan. 9 and the team has been looking for a replacement. They reportedly interviewed Groh and Bills receivers coach Sanjay Lal.

Groh, 45, spent the 2016 season with the Rams after three years as the Bears' receivers coach. Groh is available because the Rams switched head coaches, bringing in Sean McVay.

Before coming to the NFL, Groh was a longtime coach at the college level. He is the son of former Virginia head coach Al Groh and eventually became an offensive coordinator under his father before bouncing from Alabama to Louisville and then back to Alabama before heading to the NFL. 

Groh was actually the quarterback at Virginia in the 90s before his father ever coached there. Groh's first coaching job was under his father as assistant coach with the Jets in 2000, when Al Groh was named their head coach for the season. 

If the Eagles are looking to sign a big-name free agent at wide receiver, there could be a reunion of sorts in Philly. During his four seasons as an NFL receivers coach, Groh has worked with Alshon Jeffery and Kenny Britt, who are two of the top receivers who will be available.

The Eagles started their season with a first-round pick, two second-round picks and a third-round pick at wide receiver, but their unit was one of the worst in the NFL. Jordan Matthews was consistent, but tight end Zach Ertz was the team's leading receiver.

It's unlikely Groh will have the same unit to work with as Lewis did in 2016, but it is likely Groh will be expected to get more out of his group in 2017.