Video: Goofy White Guy Practices with Eagles Cheerleaders

Video: Goofy White Guy Practices with Eagles Cheerleaders
August 22, 2011, 9:35 am
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An intrepid reporter for thinks NFL players have it too easy these days after the new CBA lightened up their work load. He also argues that the ladies shaking their pompoms to Britney Spears on the sideline at the Linc may be the hardest working athletes in football.

A few quick observations from watching his training video: I'm happy the term "swagger stride" exists. Clearly they must have modeled it after DeSean Jackson's normal everyday walk. [video below]

From the Martin Rogers:

I'm issued a pair of pompoms and get instructed on how to "use my
swagger" as I stride across the dance studio in a line of girls, shaking
my shoulders and chest in a grotesque parody of the strut that comes as
second nature to the cheerleaders and is enjoyed by many a football

One other observation: apparently cheerleading is just like every other sport as Rogers was told, "Don't overthink it."

Just let your hips and pompoms takeover, obviously.

>>NFL's Toughest Workout: Cheerleader Boot Camp [TPG]

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