Video: We Hope You Like One-Sided Battles

Video: We Hope You Like One-Sided Battles
November 20, 2012, 5:28 am
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The time for attempting to ask questions in roundabout ways has come and gone. So now, Andy, just tell us, are you going to quit or not?

Coach Reid, of course, said at yesterday's day-after presser that he will not step down as head football coach of the Philadelphia Eagles. How could he do such a thing when he's telling his players to keep battling.

But I hate all these one-sided battles.


As a bit of an aside, do many of you actually think stepping down is what Reid *should* do? As in, you actually believe he should forfeit the millions of dollars still owed to him under contract and say he's done with coaching the Eagles?

I think it'd be tough to find someone who doesn't believe Reid should get the boot after the season -- or even now -- but I'm curious about the group who thinks he should walk away.

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