What time is it in Denver? Check your Rolex

What time is it in Denver? Check your Rolex
September 26, 2013, 2:15 pm
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(What, you don’t have a Rolex? That’s weird. Bloggers always own a Rolex or two…)

Chip Kelly has no shortage of unique methods, from music at practice and personalized smoothies to his entire approach to offense. He even has a way of acclimating his players to the time difference on a west-coast trip, like the one the Eagles will make to Denver this weekend.

The Birds’ head coach explained to reporters on Thursday that even though the team is traveling two time zones away for their game on Sunday, there’s no need for anybody to adjust their watch, or anything else really. The Eagles operate on Philly time, all of the time.

Per Jordan Raanan for NJ.com:

"When we go to different time zones, we're only there for a certain amount of time," Kelly said. "It takes you a week to get acclimated [to time changes]. So you just stay on your same cycles. We'll stay on East Coast time when we go out there because games kick off at 4:25."

I wonder what lengths Chip goes to in order to keep players unaware of the local time. Does he have the hotel change all of the clocks in the players’ rooms? What if the housekeepers are Broncos fans and they ignore the request? The players must not know the real time! Keep Vick away from that sundial! GAHHH!!!

Kelly went on to add that such a trip really is no big deal—it’s if his squad had to travel from west to east where problems would crop up. No doubt the NFL is scheming for a London franchise in the NFC East purely to screw the Eagles on the time-zone difference. Anyway, here’s Chip:

"I think where it really does affect you is when you go west to east. All of a sudden if it's a 1 o'clock kick, then it's a 10 o'clock kick, so your pregame meal is four hours earlier. You're pregame meal is at 6 [am], you're getting up at 5 [am]. "

Or, you know, you could not have your players wake up at 5 a.m. Chip Kelly truly is the mad scientist of football.

>> Chip Kelly will keep Eagles on East Coast time [NJ.com]

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