What Will the Birds Do in the First Round?

What Will the Birds Do in the First Round?
May 2, 2011, 9:47 am
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Just a quick pulse-taking among the Philadelphia faithful—which of the following do you think the Eagles will do in the first round of the NFL Draft tonight?

    (A) Make a selection at 23

    (B) Trade up    

    (C) Trade down

If you pick A, let us know which player or position you think they'll target.

Two well-known draft experts, Mike Mayock and Mel Kiper, each have the Eagles taking Gabe Carimi, OL, Wisconsin, with the obvious caveat that most mock drafts are done without trades involved. Others like a DB with this pick, possibly Jimmy Smith out of Colorado. Meanwhile, despite the prevalence of NFL experts and media agreeing with the Carimi pick or at least some other offensive lineman, CSN's Eagles beat Reuben Frank emphatically says not to expect the Birds to go O-line if they stay at 23.

In other words, who the hell knows. The fact that the Eagles may be as likely to trade their pick as select at 23 kinda illustrates how little predictive value most mock drafts have.

They can still be pretty fun though, as are the big nights themselves. Not even the confusion over the labor situation can spoil draft day for me, although I do wish there were a few more certainties upon which a methodical front office such as the Eagles' could base their moves. Or maybe all the confusion will somehow benefit them. Yep, I'm about as full of definitive information as a mock draft of mascots.

Kulp will be along shortly with your proper Draft Night thread...

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