When Andy Met Charlie: Philly Mag Puts Coaches Together

When Andy Met Charlie: Philly Mag Puts Coaches Together
August 24, 2011, 7:01 am
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Philadelphia Magazine had the wonderful idea of putting the men in charge of this city's two biggest sports teams -- both hot off their respective teams pulling off amazing moves in early August -- into the same room to talk shop. Andy Reid and Charlie Manuel were somewhat friendly before the meeting, but you get the sense they really hit it off from reading the short excerpt posted online here.

A couple of quick notes on what they talk about.

-They both share a love for Tommy Bahama

-Charlie Manuel never really learned to text message

-Andy Reid, in a somewhat bandwagon fashion, bought his kids Phillies season tickets after Ruben Amaro Jr. managed to bring Cliff Lee back this offseason

And then there's this:

Philly Mag: Do you pay attention to the media now?

Charlie Manuel: Not at all.

Love it. And look forward to the whole Q&A in the September issue.

>>When Andy Reid Met Charlie Manuel : A Q&A With the Head Coaches of the Eagles and the Phillies [Philly Mag]

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