With Mike Vick's Concussion Being a 'Pretty Significant' One, Look for Foles to Start Sunday

With Mike Vick's Concussion Being a 'Pretty Significant' One, Look for Foles to Start Sunday
November 12, 2012, 8:48 am
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I'm a sucker for nostalgia. So the fact that we can probably now count on both hands the number of times Andy Reid will stand in front of a podium and address the media as the head football coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, I think we should savor these final opportunities to listen to Big Red. We may miss him when he's gone!

Today, he informed us that Mike Vick's concussion is a "pretty significant" one. Anyone who has ever experienced a concussion first hand -- Nucky Thompson, I'm looking at you -- knows that brain injuries are scary as hell. So "pretty significant" tells me we may not be seeing Mike Vick as quarterback of the Eagles for a while.

The Daily News' Rich Hofman believes that, regardless of how long it takes Vick to fully recover, it's time to hand the ball to Nick Foles.

I was among the final passengers still on board the sinking Donovan McNabb ship, and I think I feel similarly in this situation, to stick with the vet juuuust a little bit longer. But then the concussion thing comes in and murks everything up -- literally.

From what Reid is saying today, it looks like Nick Foles will start this coming Sunday. If Mike Vick feels good and is ready to go the following week, do you let him play out the season?

With the NFC East being such a shit show this year, anything is possible. Okay, yes, I did see yesterday's game. Maybe it's time to catch Foles Fever.

I'm admittedly not sure which way I believe they should go. I certainly don't believe we've seen enough out of Nick Foles to say anything with any certitude about his future as the Eagles No. 1 guy. But if there is a time to find out, now would seem like a pretty good one.*

*all caveats about him running for his life with this O-line, etc.

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