Avant talks Kelly, QBs, bad offense and bad call

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Avant talks Kelly, QBs, bad offense and bad call

Gunn and Mosher recap Eagles' loss to the Giants

October 28, 2013, 8:00 am
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Jason Avant appeared to pick up a first down on 4th-and-10, but his 11-yard catch was called back on a pass interference penalty in one of the Eagles' many offensive setbacks Sunday. (USA Today Images)

After the Eagles' dismal 15-7 loss to the Giants on Sunday, Jason Avant stood at his locker and calmly answered question after question.

Avant did it last week too.

Considerate and attentive, Avant, who had three catches for 54 yards (but had a fourth erased -- more on that later) took the time to address several topics despite the fact that the offense, for the second straight week, failed to score a TD.

Here are some highlights:

The criticism of coach Chip Kelly:
"Yeah, criticism will come (see story). Just being in this league, when it works, he's going to be the greatest, and when it doesn't, he's going to get the criticism. One thing about him, I know that he's a fighter, and I know that he's going to do everything he can to assess the situation, assess players, assess play-calling, probably going to scout himself and all those types of things, scout the team and see what we do well and what we don't, and also start getting certain plays called at certain points. I have total confidence that he's going to evaluate himself and his staff and us and put us in the right position in the future."

The floundering offense:
"One thing about this league is, there's some of the smartest guys in the coaching ranks, some of smartest players in the coaching ranks, some of the best players in the coaching ranks. There's going to come a time where they have looked at all the film and evaluated every play that you have done. ...

"As the season progresses, it's a chess match, and you're going to constantly get better. And our coach is definitely going to get better at that, and all of our coaches and all of our players -- we're going to get better at all of those things. And we're going to start winning those chess matches, and also start winning our 1-on-1s as players. That's just the bottom line -- that the players, we've got to win the 1-on-1s. But you've got to give the opposing defenses and the opposing players and the opposing defensive coordinators credit."

The last time Eagles went consecutive games without an offensive TD was 1999, losing 19-5 to the Bucs and 26-0 to the Bills in the second and third games under Andy Reid.

"You can't really explain it. You guys have better answers than we do sometimes (laughs). I haven't seen the film, but it's definitely not explainable. It's not something that you're proud of, not something that you go into the game thinking about. You don't think that you're going to score zero points as an offense, so you can't explain it."

The shaky quarterback situation:
"In our league, we glorify the quarterback. And they get their just due. One thing I will not blame the game on is the quarterback -- or him winning or losing. There's a whole bunch of guys out there that have something to do with winning. Whether [Matt] Barkley is in there or Nick [Foles] is in there, we have to come up with a way to win. Those guys are on this team and they've been brought here for that reason, knowing that most quarterbacks in this league don't play the whole season. With that being said, we have to come up with a way to win no matter who's in there."

The 10-game home losing streak:
"Like I said last week, you're disappointed for our fans. We definitely have some heartfelt, passionate fans that love our team no matter if we're up or down, and I just feel bad about that when it comes to not being able to get a win here at home with them cheering us on. And no, you don't expect to go 10 games -- home is supposed to be a higher chance of winning, and in our case that hasn't been the case, and we're definitely disappointed and very ashamed."

His offensive PI penalty:
Covered by cornerback Terrell Thomas, Avant slowed, swung his left arm as Thomas continued downfield and fell, and was called for pushing off. It negated an 11-yard reception on 4th-and-10. 

"I disagree with it a whole bunch. Just because the league -- they implemented a rule two weeks ago about that call. The rule they implemented stated that they're going to judge the call based on the defender's body language, and that's not a fair rule because anybody that lifts weights or a stronger receiver is going to benefit the defender. With that being said I thought that was absolutely a bad call."

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