Brian Dawkins gives the surprise of a lifetime

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Brian Dawkins gives the surprise of a lifetime

March 13, 2013, 9:00 am
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Brian Dawkins surprises Eagles fan Will Sakellaris. (CSN)

Last Friday, was on hand for a very special lunch at The Capital Grille on the corner of Broad and Chestnut.

Bride-to-be Meagan Cusack had planned a surprise lunch for her future husband Will Sakellaris and let us in on the fun. Sakellaris was brought to the restaurant for what he thought was a business lunch. While he wasn't pleased about traveling in the snow, Sakellaris came along anyway.

When the couple arrived at the restaurant, we quickly took away Cusack and mic'd her up as Sakellaris conducted some business. We also hid a camera in the corner of the private room that awaited Sakellaris.

Once Sakellaris was off his phone, he was taken to a private room with a number of his closest friends and an empty chair for a "surprise guest." Sakellaris and his buddies caught up and chatted about the upcoming wedding in St. Thomas over St. Patrick's Day weekend. While they waited for the surprise guest, Sakellaris guessed that it would be his brother, but he couldn't have been more off.

Cusack had gotten in touch with Brian Dawkins, Sakellaris' all-time favorite Eagle, who "is invited to Thanksgiving dinner every year."

Once Cusack was told the surprise guest had arrived, she asked everyone to put on blindfolds. Behind the scenes, Dawkins was escorted to the room and waited outside. What happened next ... well, that is in the video.

We will say that the experience was special, from Sakellaris' excitement and shock to Cusack's planning, followed by sitting back and listening to Dawkins share stories with the entire group. Dawkins was open and honest, while Sakellaris and his friends were just so excited to have lunch with their favorite Eagle. You could see the appreciation and respect from Dawk and everyone in the room.

It truly is an amazing wedding present, one we're sure you would love as well.

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