Chip Kelly's first Eagles practices set for April 16-18

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Chip Kelly's first Eagles practices set for April 16-18

March 28, 2013, 8:45 pm
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DeSean Jackson and the Eagles will get to participate in an extra minicamp from April 16-18. (USA Today Images)

The first practices of the Chip Kelly Era will be held April 16-18 when the Eagles hold a minicamp that’s technically voluntary -- according to rules spelled out in the collective bargaining agreement -- but will presumably have perfect attendance.

This is an extra series of practices that the Eagles are allowed to hold according to Article 21 of the CBA, which allows new head coaches an extra spring camp.

The camp will most likely be closed to the media, although the Eagles have not yet announced which camps will be open or closed.

All mandatory minicamps are required by the NFL to be open to the media, but with sessions that are voluntary it’s up to the head coach, and all signs are that Kelly will close all or many of the practices that he isn’t required to open.

For the record, Andy Reid never closed any offseason or preseason practices to the media in his 14 years with the team, although last year for the first time he closed regular-season Thursday and Friday practices, which had been open his first 13 years.

The Eagles will also have a mandatory camp June 4-6 and OTAs -- organized team activities -- May 13-15, May 20-22 and May 28-31. In OTAs, live contact is not allowed, but 7-on-7, 9-on-7 and 11-on-11 drills are permitted.

Starting Tuesday, Eagles players begin a two-week period in which they’re allowed to participate in strength and conditioning training overseen by the team. For the following three weeks, they’re allowed to work on the field with their coaches in individual drills and in team drills as long as the offense and defense do not work against each other.

After that is a four-week period in which teams are allowed up to 10 days of OTAs.

The complete list of every NFL team’s minicamp schedule can be found here

For full details of what NFL players are allowed to do and not allowed to do during the offseason, the entire CBA can be downloaded here:

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