Cooper video sold for 'bit more' than $100

Cooper video sold for 'bit more' than $100

August 1, 2013, 2:30 pm
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According to a series of published e-mails from Deadspin, the now-infamous Riley Cooper video only hit the Internet after being sold for a little more than $100. (

Once you've processed what Riley Cooper said, and his teammates' reactions, and Marcus Vick's reaction, and Kenny Chesney's reaction, there's still one lingering question:

What took so long for this video to surface?

The concert during which Cooper was filmed took place at Lincoln Financial Field on June 8, but the video of Cooper's remarks wasn't revealed until it was posted on on Wednesday.

It remains unclear what took so long, but according to Deadspin, the video was being shopped around. Deadspin published a series of e-mails Thursday from the anonymous individuals who were in possession of the video and then "were looking to see what sites/radio stations have interest in it" and what they would offer.

Deadspin, according to one of the e-mails, offered a grand total of $23.17.

A response from the individual selling the tape indicated that CrossingBroad was willing to pay $100, which the blog later confirmed to Deadspin, saying it actually paid "a bit more than $100 (not much)."

And that -- evidently -- is how the video finally got out.