DeSean: 'Everybody in the locker room loved me'

DeSean: 'Everybody in the locker room loved me'
May 22, 2014, 2:45 pm
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DeSean Jackson during his interview with DJ Skee. (

It's been a little while (couple weeks?) since we heard anything from or about DeSean Jackson, so we were about due for some more.

The Eagles released Jackson in March, and the question that has dominated this offseason -- at least until the draft anyway -- is, why?

After a long period of silence from the Eagles, head coach Chip Kelly called it a "football decision," but read between the lines of the comments general manager Howie Roseman made during his pre-draft talk, and it's easy to find a more elaborate explanation.

Simply put, Jackson didn't fit the culture the Eagles are trying to create.

But why not? Jackson, in an interview with DJ Skee on, via The Washington Post, said he doesn't understand it.

"The funniest thing, man: all this stuff like he’s not a locker room player, he don’t get along with his teammates, the people that really know me, they’re like ‘Man where is all this coming [from]?’ ” Jackson said. “I had teammates texting me and hitting me up, teammates that’s still on the Eagles right now, like ‘What were they talking about you ain’t a team guy, you don’t get along with people in your locker room?’

“Everybody in the locker room loved me, you feel me? ... I know who my real homies are. The real homies stepped up. My boy LeSean McCoy, one of the best running backs in the NFL, he stepped up, he said some real stuff. But in this league bro, a lot of people are scared and afraid to speak up, because they feel like they’re gonna be the next one cut. They feel like they’re gonna be the next one cut. So the ones that really did step up and speak up, I salute all of them."

Well, except the ones who stepped up anonymously and detailed DeSean's detrimental behavior. And some of those who did allow their names to be used weren't so praiseworthy either.

McCoy said he was "surprised" and there will be "some big shoes to fill" but added that “the front office obviously knows what they’re doing.” Jeremy Maclin said, "It's all about doing the right thing" and that the Eagles will be "fine" without Jackson.

During the interview, Jackson also praised Michael Vick for having taught him so much. Then after the allegations surfaced about Jackson, the two talked.

"The biggest thing he said, he said, 'Jack, ... Man, we all know you,' " Jackson said.

But shortly before DeSean was cut, while the speculation swirled, Vick made perhaps the most compelling on-the-record comment, saying, "Maybe it's time for a change for DeSean to help him understand the maturation process of his young NFL life and his personal life. Whatever happens, I will continue to be a great friend to him and try to help him as much as I can mentor-wise so he doesn't have to go through any situations that may be detrimental to his life."

Let the debate continue. Or not. 

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