DeSean Jackson 'blessed' to be part of NFL's greatest play

DeSean Jackson 'blessed' to be part of NFL's greatest play
April 11, 2013, 12:00 pm
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Voted by fans as the greatest play in NFL history on, DeSean Jackson's walk-off punt-return touchdown beat out 63 of the game's most iconic images.

So what were Jackson's thoughts when he learned of the honor?

“I am very honored and blessed at the same time," Jackson said in an interview with NFL Total Access. "That play was hands down the best of my career so far."

Before breaking open what would become known as the Miracle at the Meadowlands III, Jackson was not having a great day at the office, scattering three catches for 52 yards with a drop and a costly fumble.

But after the Eagles stormed back from a 21-point fourth quarter deficit, Jackson received rookie punter Matt Dodge's knuckler and took it to the hole as time expired, sending Tom Coughlin off the deep end and the rest of the Giants to the showers.

“I thought the ball was going to be kicked out of the stadium," Jackson said. "Tom Coughlin, I didn’t think would let the punter kick it inbounds. Once it got to my hands, I tend to say I fumbled on purpose, from there I picked the ball up,  I went to the right a few steps then I saw the gap. It was crazy."

The Giants' last-second loss would go on to create a ripple affect throughout the NFL, allowing both the Eagles and eventual Super Bowl champion Green Bay Packers to secure playoff spots.

Aaron Rodgers, according to Jackson, appreciated the assist.

“Aaron Rodgers is a great friend of mine," Jackson said. "He sent me a card, a thank you, for us beating the Giants so they could get into the playoffs and actually win that Super Bowl. So he owes me a little bit. Hopefully they can beat someone else to let us get us in the playoffs one of these days and us win a Super Bowl.”

Also in the interview, Jackson talked about being a part of the up-tempo Chip Kelly offense and how Michael Vick wouldn't feel threatened or discouraged if the Eagles' selected QB Geno Smith with the fourth overall pick at the NFL draft (see story).

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