DeSean: Sideline flap 'over and done with'

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DeSean: Sideline flap 'over and done with'

Jackson on sideline flap: 'It's over and done with'

December 17, 2013, 3:00 pm
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DeSean Jackson says he's moved past the sideline shouting match he had with wide receivers coach Bobby Bicknell in the Eagles' loss to the Vikings. (USA Today Images)

During the third quarter of Sunday’s loss to the Vikings in Minnesota, DeSean Jackson was visibly frustrated and was seen shouting in the direction of wide receivers coach Bob Bicknell. Afterward, Chip Kelly promised to address the matter.

When Jackson met with the media at the NovaCare Complex on Tuesday, the wide receiver said the situation is “over and done with.” Jackson was asked whether he regretted his behavior.

“Regret?” Jackson responded. “I mean, it’s part of the game. I probably could have handled things different, but I ain’t really going to get into too much of that. We’re moving forward. It’s week -- what is it, Week 15, Week 16? Whatever the case may be. Going forward, we’re going to worry about Chicago Bears.”

Bicknell is in his first season as the Eagles’ wide receivers coach after working for the Buffalo Bills in the same capacity for the last three years. When asked to describe his relationship with Bicknell, Jackson said it’s still developing.

“It’s still an open relationship,” Jackson said. “Still getting to know each other. Still, early on. It’s just been a couple months since we’ve been here together. The biggest thing is playing football and doing the things you need to do to win football games. As a wide receiver in this football league, I just try to go out there and make every play I can and help my team win games.

“I never really had any issues with [emotions]. I play this game with a lot of energy, a lot of emotion. We work so hard at it and, you know, just try to go out there and have the same results come game time. So I continue to go out there and be productive and do the things to help my team win football games.”