The Eagles' odds of winning Super Bowl XLVIII are ...

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The Eagles' odds of winning Super Bowl XLVIII are ...

February 4, 2013, 3:00 pm
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As the Ravens continue to celebrate their Super Bowl XLVII victory, NFL oddsmakers are already looking forward to Super Bowl XLVIII.

Just hours after the Ravens defeated the 49ers, 34-31, to clinch their second Super Bowl in franchise history, the odds were already out for next year's game. These numbers below come courtesy's R.J. Bell.

• The Eagles came into the 2012 season with 12-to-1 odds.  After a disappointing 4-12 season and the hiring of Chip Kelly to replace Andy Reid as head coach, the Eagles will begin their 2013 season with 50-to-1 odds to claim next year’s Super Bowl. (However, at, the odds are 35 to 1.)

• The Kansas City Chiefs, now coached by Reid, are also listed at 50 to 1.

• Despite winning the Super Bowl mere hours ago, the Ravens are not the favorite to repeat as champions.  Baltimore opens at 14-to-1 odds, tied with Houston for fifth best.

• Instead, the New England Patriots are the favorites to win Super Bowl XLVIII.  The NFC Champion 49ers were given the second-best odds to win next year’s title at 8 to 1.

• Five teams (Arizona, Buffalo, Tennessee, Oakland, and Jacksonville) were given 100-to-1 or worse odds.  The Raiders and Jaguars round out the list, each given a 150-to-1 chance to win Super Bowl XLVIII. 

• Here are the complete odds for all 32 teams:

New England Patriots: 7 to 1
San Francisco 49ers: 8 to 1
Denver Broncos: 8 to 1
Green Bay Packers: 10 to 1
Houston Texans: 14 to 1
Baltimore Ravens: 14 to 1
Seattle Seahawks: 16 to 1
Atlanta Falcons: 18 to 1
New Orleans Saints: 18 to 1
Pittsburgh Steelers: 18 to 1
New York Giants: 20 to 1
Washington Redskins: 30 to 1
Dallas Cowboys: 30 to 1
Chicago Bears: 30 to 1
Cincinnati Bengals: 35 to 1
Detroit Lions: 40 to 1
Minnesota Vikings: 40 to 1
Indianapolis Colts: 40 to 1
San Diego Chargers: 40 to 1
Philadelphia Eagles: 50 to 1
Carolina Panthers: 50 to 1
New York Jets: 50 to 1
Miami Dolphins: 50 to 1
St Louis Rams: 50 to 1
Kansas City Chiefs: 50 to 1
Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 60 to 1
Cleveland Browns: 66 to 1
Arizona Cardinals: 100 to 1
Buffalo Bills: 100 to 1
Tennessee Titans: 100 to 1
Oakland Raiders: 150 to 1
Jacksonville Jaguars: 150 to 1

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