Eagles QB tracker: Foles strong again on Day 2

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Eagles QB tracker: Foles strong again on Day 2
July 27, 2013, 4:00 pm
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Nick Foles, pictured here practicing earlier this week, split the first- and second-team snaps with Michael Vick on Saturday. (AP)

After practice ended at the NovaCare Complex on Saturday, someone asked Nick Foles how he thought he’d thrown the ball and what might qualify as a “good day” for the young quarterback.

“I always strive to be perfect, complete everything, and really be precise with my ball placement and my decisions,” Foles said following the team’s second full-team workout of training camp. “Am I on time? Did I make a good decision with the play? Stuff like that.”

Foles said he “wants to be 100 percent throwing completions every day.” He failed in that pursuit on Saturday – but just barely.

By CSNPhilly.com’s unofficial count, Foles completed 22 of 24 passes. He took 40 total reps, 24 with the first team and 16 with the second team. During seven-on-seven drills, Foles unleashed a long pass down the right sideline that was hauled in by DeSean Jackson for a big gain. As the Eagles set up for the next play, some fans in the stands chanted Foles' name.

“[I’m] just more and more comfortable,” Foles said about running Chip Kelly’s offense. “As time goes on, running this offense, I feel more and more comfortable. You’ve got to keep pushing, got to keep working, so it stays that way, because the defense is going to start figuring out concepts a little bit more, so they’ll be a little bit tighter and we have to be even more precise with our throws and be even more accurate.”

Once again, Foles split the first- and second-team snaps with Michael Vick. On Saturday, according to CSNPhilly.com’s tally, Vick completed 18 of 26 passes. He would have had a higher completion percentage if not for three drops by various Eagles wideouts. (By comparison, there were no drops on passes by Foles, and only one on passes by Matt Barkley.)

Vick took 36 reps, 17 with the first team and 19 with the second team.

“I feel good about it, but it’s just practice,” Vick said. “This is why we come out here, to try to get better, try to get some kind of consistency, to remain on top of your footwork, ball position, you know the small things that amount to big things later on down the line.”

Vick also talked about staying healthy and – you can skip ahead if you’ve read/heard this next part before – protecting himself by sliding more this season.

“I’m going to try to slide,” Vick said with a smile. “I know I said that before. But don’t be surprised if you see me do my natural fall, flop, get down. The most important thing is protecting the ball.”

Vick paused, then joked: “Some day, I’ll get it.”

Barkley, meanwhile, took all 23 of his snaps with the third team. The rookie fourth-round pick went 11-for-18 on Saturday.

“[I’ve] felt better and better every day,” Barkley said. “The timing helps a lot, being back with the guys, the vets, the timing helps with their routes because they can do so many things on each route. It does take reps to get to know them.

“I feel like I’m where I need to be. There’s always something you can work on and get better, but I feel like I’ve progressed at a solid rate in terms of knowing the offense mentally as well as improving my arm strength from the injury.”

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