Eagles QB Tracker: Vick gets more first-team reps

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Eagles QB Tracker: Vick gets more first-team reps

July 31, 2013, 4:45 pm
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Michael Vick took a total of 34 snaps on Wednesday, 24 of which came with the first-team. (AP)

The last pass of the day might have been the best.

Before the Eagles concluded training camp on Wednesday, Michael Vick dropped back during 11-on-11 drills and saw DeSean Jackson streaking down the right sideline. The speedy wide receiver was matched up one-on-one on the outside with cornerback Trevard Lindley. Vick uncorked a long pass to the corner of the end zone – somewhere around 40 yards – that Jackson grabbed to the consternation of Lindley.

“It was a great way to conclude practice,” Vick said. When asked whether Jackson was fully in bounds, Vick quipped: “Chip said he was in, so it counts.”

Earlier in the afternoon, Vick connected with Jackson on another long pass. That one came during a 7-on-7 drill when Jackson beat rookie cornerback Jordan Poyer to haul in a big reception up the seam.

“I’m very comfortable with what we’re doing with our scheme and what we’re looking for,” Vick said. “Obviously, there are mistakes that I make throughout the day, but that’s a good thing because those mistakes shouldn’t happen twice and they can be corrected. It’s a good thing. It’s positive. You just have to stay in the book. Keep grinding. Keep working hard. Approach every day like it’s my last day and try to get back in tip-top shape and play good football this year.”

Vick credited Kelly for asking his quarterbacks what they like to run in certain situations. That kind of collaboration, Vick said, will help each of the quarterbacks utilize their separate strengths and skill sets.

“To have the opportunity to run the plays that you like, to make suggestions, it only gives you comfortability – the ability to put the team in the right situations,” Vick said. “That’s the relationship that Chip is developing with all the quarterbacks. We embrace that. We don’t take it for granted. We understand if we’re asked a specific thing to do or that we like, it’s imperative that we make sure we’re 100 percent right on it all the time and we know we can get it done. It’s part of the growth process.”

By CSNPhilly’s unofficial tally, Vick took 34 total snaps on Wednesday – 24 of which came with the first team. Vick went 12 for 19. His completion percentage would have been higher, but various receivers dropped four of his passes at different points during practice.

Foles, meanwhile, took 27 snaps (13 with the first team). He went 10 for 17. Foles was also intercepted by Colt Anderson during 11-on-11 activity when the quarterback failed to squeeze in a pass across the middle.

“He did a great job robbing the route,” Foles said. “He made a great play. But it’s one of those things where, next time, it might make me look a different way. You learn from those.”

Foles’ best pass of the afternoon came during 11-on-11 drills. With the Eagles offense in the red zone, Foles zipped a pass past three defenders – safeties Earl Wolff and David Sims, and linebacker Mychal Kendricks – and into the hands of receiver Jason Avant, who narrowly missed colliding with the goal post after the play.

The afternoon didn’t go nearly as well for rookie Matt Barkley. The fourth-round pick had arguably his roughest outing, completing four of his 16 passes. Barkley, who failed to connect on 10 straight passing attempts at one point, took all 21 of his snaps with the third team.

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